Bathroom Design Trends for 2014

Posted: Friday, November 8th, 2013 | Filed under: Bathroom Designs, Energy Efficient Design, interior design, Universal Bathroom Design | author: Krystle Hawkin

Bathroom design focuses as much on how the room makes you feel as how the space looks, so among the many top bathroom trends of 2014 is an emphasis on a ‘spa at home’ design plan. Bathroom color trends are moving away from rich colors like red, and towards a more spa-like ivory, a range of grays, earthy browns, and contrasting black-and-white, and when fitting elements are added they can capture the big trend of Old Hollywood style. A bathroom design makeover can turn your formerly dated bathroom into a gleaming, sophisticated space that might belong to a Hollywood starlet. Black-and-white creates a rich-looking palette for the bathroom, and opens up opportunities for accent colors in lipstick red, a trendy orange, peacock blue, or any bright ‘pop’ of hue that is your signature color. Widening your selections, wallpaper is making a comeback, allowing you to easily add fine design or stripes to your bathroom wall décor, and integrating the effect of texture if you choose.

Shapes of bathroom elements such as sinks, showers and tubs will be rounder.  This is a departure from the angular designs of the past few years, and will help you achieve a softer design.

Bathroom lighting is a big focus for 2014, with warmth created in the room via chandeliers and sconces on dimmer switches.  The mood can be easily changed for any time of day whether you want a soft, late day/evening mood or a bright light for applying makeup.  Bathrooms are also focused on delivering bright, natural light via oversized windows and skylights. Pendant lamps hang above the vanity to add extra light for makeup application, and lighting fixtures above the bathtub create a welcoming atmosphere for reading while you soak away the day’s tensions. One innovation in bathroom lighting that will be very popular in 2014 is “no-shadow lighting”.  Bathroom remodelers will be getting rid of any plug-in vanity top lamps or torchiere lamps that can pose a burning or shock risk. Professionally-installed bathroom lighting makes your bathroom safer for all members of your family, and also gives you extra vanity top space when those old plug-in lamps can finally be removed.

Bathroom mirrors will be bigger, often super-sized, extending from vanity top to ceiling, or from floor to ceiling, with no-fog mirrors keeping reflective surfaces free of steamy clouding.  With these helpful changes your getting-ready time isn’t slowed down, and you’ll never have to wipe or blow-dry your mirrors to clear away fog again.

Carpets add rich color, texture and warmth to the bathroom of 2014, with oversized area rugs taking a place in bathroom design for a bit of indulgence and décor finesse that outdoes bathmats. But where bathmats will be used, they’ll be plush and high-quality fabrics, comfy to your feet when you step out of the shower or tub.

Stone is a big bathroom design trend for 2014, and it adds a natural element, color and richness to your bathroom style.  Tubs and showers will continue to be constructed to show off stone tilework – again, capturing that spa-like appeal – in the form of mosaic designs embedded in shower, bath and vanity backsplashes.

Waterfall shower heads and multi-jet custom shower heads also re-create the spa experience in your home bathroom, and waterfall shower heads may be embedded in the ceiling above the shower for a minimalist design that still provides visual interest and makes your taller family members and houseguests happier than low-set shower heads of the past.

Among the growing trends: replacing those outdated vanities built in to your bathroom wall with vanity chests that look like stylish pieces of furniture.   Dual sinks in the vanity chest surface, and lots of shelf space above the sink for storage are also on many a bathroom remodelers’ wishlist this year.

Speaking of storage, creative storage solutions are a top trend in bathroom designs of 2014, with organizing and ease of access top priorities. Open storage displays show off plush towels like upscale home décor sites do, and corner or under sink storage spaces are now artistically created to work with the design style of the room. No more plastic storage trays cluttering up your vanity top. A good bathroom design with a storage focus removes your personal items from view, but still lets you access them with shelf, drawer and closet features.

And finally, to create a true spa experience, a top trend in 2014 bathroom design is installing a steamroom or sauna space in your bathroom layout, to allow you spa indulgence and relaxation any time.


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